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Water Cooled HVAC

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There are several different ways that water is used in air conditioning. The most common is using cooling towers and this technology has been used in the industrial industry, large commercial, malls, and hospitals for many years. These split system air conditioners are known as chillers. Even though the size may be different, but the concept and application is the same. This same technology is now available for light commercial and residential applications.  Water Cooled Air Condition using an Evaporative Cooling tower removes additional heat from the refrigerant circuit by sub-cooling; the pressures drop, the capacity increases, and the compressor uses less electricity. Reducing consumption gains energy savings. Subcooling the refrigerant used in air conditioning and refrigeration offers huge savings in light commercial and box style buildings with air roof top units and roof top refrigeration compressors. Designed for Retro Fitting.

In the commercial market there are thousands of the “one size fits all” HVAC roof top units operating today. Water cooled air conditioner refrigeration technology has been used in larger buildings and industrial sites for years, but now there are new water cooling towers designed to address the already existing Roof Top Units (RTU packaged units) on smaller buildings. These evaporative cooling towers are  designed to sub cool the HVAC units now in place without moving them. The evaporative cooling tower is designed to subcool several units at one time. This retro fit application can even include the stores roof top refrigeration. 

There several applications and designs to utilize a water cooling tower to subcool the refrigerant in commercial air conditioning and refrigeration. The hybrid cooling towers uses  Freon/Water Heat Exchangers to achieve the same energy saving technology. Designed to retro fit to existing HVAC systems and/or refrigeration, this evaporative sub cooling technology cools fluid, most the time water with added ingredient to prevent freezing, by spraying water over the coils within the tower and the heat evaporation is pulled out by a fan mounted on top.

Evaporative Fluid Cooling, Evaporative Condenser Cooling, and Evaporative Subcooling towers all use water to cool the refrigerant in a closed loop design. The only difference in the towers is the coil design required by application. The Evaporative Water Cool Air Conditioning Retro Fit technology will save energy by reducing consumption and lowering carbon footprint.

The water cooling towers in a retro fit application are recognized as most efficient energy saver and the most economical solution to implement. In this case the existing Rooftop Air Conditioner remains in place. This allows the condenser to act as a hybrid system, cooling the hot refrigerant with ambient air, but uses a cooling tower to subcool the refrigerant and in using this method offers a tremendous reduction in energy consumption and in most cases can also allow a reduction in the size of the compressor. This application allows one tower to subcool several Roof Top Units (RTU’s) at one time and even subcool the buildings refrigeration. Lightweight and requires no roof structural changes.

The evaporative fluid cooling tower cools the Water or Freon below the temperature of the ambient air. The evaporative effect of phase change removes heat from the water down to with in a few degrees of the “wet bulb” temperature. The wet bulb temperature is the temperature that can be achieved by evaporating water. The hotter the day the dryer the air, more heat equals less moisture in most parts of the country.  So the dryer the air the better (cooler) the evaporative effect is, and this lower temperature can be as much as 40 to 50 degrees colder than the ambient temperature in many parts of the desert southwest.  However evaporative effect will always result in lower temperatures than the ambient conditions. 

Our energy saving solution has a retrofit application (Evaporative Sub-Cooling) that converts air-cooled roof top units into a Hybrid Air/Water cooled system. The reliable failsafe design will operate in the air-cooled mode only and in the more efficient air/water cooled mode. The Our line of cooling towers (closed circuit and evaporative condensers) are the only units on the market that are light enough to be installed on a typical roof with out structural upgrades.   

 In most sun-belt desert applications the  air-cooled roof top units run at a net 6 EER using 2 kilowatts per ton/hour.   A water-cooled roof top unit under the same desert conditions will run at a net 15 EER using .85 kilowatts per ton/hour.  A 60% savings over air-cooled systems. 

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